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Sunday, March 19, 2006

the afro effect

Today a girl with staples all over her face popped out of
nowhere in the sandbox and asked if I was having a bad hair day.
When I asked about the staples on her face she told me she was in a bus
accident and didn't want to be reminded of it. I told her to look into my afro and
she put this huge thing out to reproduce the hallucinogenic effects she was feeling.

It was spinning around and almost gave me a seizure.

I think I threw up twice.

I can't even look at it

popa_poly has survived the sandbox since | 3:33 PM |

Saturday, March 18, 2006

poly pretty much summed it up

there were these loud sirens all over the sandbox.
but gurdian's guitar drowned them out.

There was this huge city in the sky built by misfit furries.
it had a magic trolley that went around the whole sim.

Toast "Adventure" Bard has survived the sandbox since | 3:49 PM |

we arent sure what goes on in these, but whatever it is, it can't be good.

popa_poly has survived the sandbox since | 3:05 PM |

sandbox destiny

We found Gurdian Zadoq at the end of the train tracks of life and asked him what the meaning of our lifes were.

Gurdian Zadoq: well . . .

Gurdian Zadoq: you make your life whatever you want out of it . . .

Gurdian Zadoq: you can be anything you want

Gurdian Zadoq: but . . .

Gurdian Zadoq: nothing comes easy

Gurdian Zadoq: what do you want to do?

He asked us about our dreams and told us what directions to go in.

Gurdian Zadoq: i cant tell you your destiny i can only

Gurdian Zadoq: . . . .give you a piggy back there

Toast needs a man in her life and I am to become a furry. thank you gurdian. thank you.

popa_poly has survived the sandbox since | 1:15 PM |

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